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It’s All About Attitude

Since 1984, Canadian owned Thinking Driver has been recognized as a leader in road safety education and training. Today, you too can join the school trusted by municipalities and organizations globally. Thinking Driver Academy is the driving school for every person who wishes to learn how to drive. 

We offer value packed, 90-minute driving lessons for students in the Lower Mainland with a focus on Driver Attitudes. Modern training techniques are used to satisfy all learning types. Whatever driver training you require, we can help.

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At Thinking Driver Academy, we believe defensive driving should be the foundation of your driving career. Our course materials and content derive from the vast knowledge and experiences the team at Thinking Driver brings. Our Academy instructors are licensed, professional, Thinking Driver trained, and love to teach. We invest time and resources in our equipment and instructors so that YOU, our future safe drivers, are receiving the best quality driving lessons.

When you’re looking for: “Best Driving School Near Me” or “Best Driving Instructors Near Me”, you will always end up at Thinking Driver Academy.

Learning to drive, not just for the road test but for the rest of your driving career.

Thinking Driver Academy Mission

Thinking Driver Academy

Our mission is to be the most reputable and accessible life-skill education school. We will do so by making driving lessons fun, safe, and by providing value for money. We coach to develop Competent, Confident, Defensive and, most importantly, Thinking Drivers.

Thinking Driver Values

  • RESPECT: We conduct ourselves and our business dealings with respect for our customers, colleagues and each other as individuals and a team. 
  • INTEGRITY: We commit to honesty and ethical execution of our business in every way.
  • EXCELLENCE: We are committed to deliver the very best quality and value in all training programs, services and products.
  • APPRECIATION: We express sincere appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities that our customers provide us and to each other for the support and camaraderie that we enjoy as a team.
  • FUN: We believe that bringing fun into every learning situation enhances our students’ learning and having fun while delivering our services is crucial in maintaining our high standards.

Why Thinking Driver Academy

Attitude – The core 3 elements of safe driving are Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. Traditional “old school” driver training delivered by most do a great job addressing knowledge and skill but miss the mark COMPLETELY when it comes to Attitude. Thinking Driver courses have been personally designed by our President, Spencer McDonald, North America’s leading authority on driver psychology and motivation to address Driver Attitudes like no other program does.

We Use Modern Equipment – We pride ourselves on being one of the only driving schools that uses state of the art, fully dual-control cars for the driving lessons. Our cars have steering, brakes, mirror, and gas pedal on the passenger side. This allows students to drive with confidence, knowing that our instructors will always keep them safe.

Driving School Vehicle with Full Dual Controls

Focus on Reversing – Backing incidents account for almost HALF of all reported motor vehicle incidents. The good news is that backing incidents are preventable! 

Thinking Driver Academy instructors have specialised training in how to coach:

  • Safely back up a vehicle in a straight line and around corners
  • How to Reverse Park safely and effectively
  • How to Parallel Park safely and effectively

Our Instructors have multiple techniques available and work alongside our students to find which method works best for them.   

Value for Money – Thinking Driver Academy offers competitively priced driving lessons. This supports our goal to make high-quality driving lessons accessible for EVERYBODY. 

Customised Lesson – We know every student does not learn the same. We offer customised driving lessons as per the needs of the student to develop the necessary driving skills and Attitudes. 

Satisfaction Guarantee – Thinking Driver Academy offers a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we WILL make it right!

Get started today. Contact us.

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