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RoadSafetyBC can order a driver to participate in the Driver Improvement Program if they are found to have an unsatisfactory driving record. If they have identified you, it’s likely because of your penalty points, Criminal Code convictions for serious driving offences, or contact with police. As an opportunity to drivers, RoadSafetyBC offers a review process for the notice received.

A driver who receives a Notice of Intent to Prohibit or Notice of Prohibition may apply for a review and attach a submission explaining why the prohibition should not proceed, continue, or should be reduced and/or shortened. 

Driver Prohibitions are sent out with the hopes of eliciting a change in a driver’s behaviour. This is an opportunity to demonstrate that you want to see change in your own driving. To improve submission strength, Thinking Driver Defensive Driving Fundamentals and Attitudes course is recommended. This course is an investment and demonstrates effort to improve your Attitude as a driver. If you find yourself applying for a review with RoadSafetyBC to reduce prohibition time, add a certificate of completion of our Defensive Driving program as supporting documentation. 


In Alberta, demerit points are applied against an operator’s licence when they are convicted of a driving offence. The amount of demerit points is determined by the convicting officer and outlined by Alberta Transportation and Alberta Justice. To remove demerits, drivers in Alberta have 2 options. First, a driver can wait for 2 years to have passed since the date of conviction. The second and easiest method to remove demerits is taking an online Defensive Driving Demerit Reduction Course, which results in 3-point removal if taken before going over the 15-point limit. Click here for the best priced Defensive Driving Demerit Reduction Course in Alberta. 

Defensive Driving Demerit Reduction Course Alberta
Defensive Driving and Attitudes Course Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, you can have your licence suspended by accumulating too many demerit points. If your driver’s licence has been suspended because you have accumulated too many demerit points, then you will be issued a probationary licence once the suspension is over. If you are an experienced driver (Class 1-5), you may have demerit points removed from your driving record by successfully completing an in-person Thinking Driver Defensive Driving and Attitudes course. This course is recognized and approved by the province of Nova Scotia as a defensive-driving course. Click here to find future course dates and times.

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