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Refresher Driving Lessons

Become a Safer Driver

Our Instructors are Professional Evaluators; we aim to guide you in the direction of safer driving. Whether it’s a refresher lesson or assistance understanding B.C. specific rules for road test preparation, Thinking Driver Academy can help.

Take a Refresher

Let’s do some self reflection, is it possible bad habits could have formed since your last road test? Take a refresher lesson with us to see. Our Instructors will provide a mock test and identify any habits that aren’t safe or could be improved. Driving is a lifelong learning process, invest in yourself, become a safer driver. 

New to Canada?

Moving to B.C.? Check out ICBC’s website to see what the requirements are to get licensed here – Moving from outside Canada.

We invite you to contact us in preparation of navigating B.C.’s unique roadways safely.

Refresher Driving Lesson

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